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TYPE   Start Time   Stop Time   Name   Conditions
NA   10:30 AM   12:00 PM   Honesty in Reality   O, Disc, Mx
CODA   3:00 PM   4:30 PM       O. Disc, Mx
AA   7:15 PM   8:15 PM   101 mtg starters   O, Disc, Mx
AA   12:00 PM   1:00 PM   As Bills Sees It   O, Disc, mx
SA   5:30PM   6:30 PM       C, Disc, Mx
H & I   7:00 PM   8:00 PM   Temecula H&I   1st Monday
CODA   12:00 PM   1:30 PM   Tuesday CODA   O, Disc, Mx
AA   4:30 PM   5:30 PM   12 Traditions   C, informal
AA   6:00 PM   7:30 PM   Mosh Pit   C, Men's stag
SA   7:00 AM   8:00 AM       O, Disc, Mx
ALANON   5:30 PM   6:30 PM   Alanon   O, Disc, Mx
AA   7:30 PM   8:30 PM   BB Study   O, Disc, Mx
FAA   12:00 PM   1:00 PM       C, Disc, Mx
SAA   5:00 PM   6:30 PM       C, Disc, Mx
CODA   7:00 PM   8:30 PM   Survivors   O, Disc, Mx
SA   7:00 AM   8:00 AM       C, Disc, Mx
AA   7:30 PM   9:00 PM   Beginners:Spkr Mtg   O, Disc, Mx, Spkr
OA   8:30 AM   9:30 AM   ABC   O, Disc, Mx
SAA   10:00 AM   11:30 AM        
AA   12:00 PM   1:00 PM   12 step sisters   O, SS, W
            As of 4/16/18    
            All Meetings have Handicap access and are Non Smoking    
      List of abbreviations used:    
      ABS------As Bill Sees It    
      B 1st----Birthday 1st Day    
      B Lst----Birthday Last Day    
      BB…------Big Book    
      BtoB-----Back to Basics    
      Cap------Fire Code Capacity    
      Cndl Lt--Candle Light    
      CtoB-----Came to Believe    
      D/Rfl----Daily Reflections    
           G--------Gay Meeting    
      LotH…----Language of the Heart    
      LvgS-----Living Sober    
      Men------Men Only    
      Mx-------Men & Women    
      NK-------No Kids      
      O--------Open Meeting    
      Q&A------Question & Answer    
      SP-------Spanish Speaking    
      SS-------12X12 Step Study    
      Stdy-----Study Group    
      Wmn------Women Only    
      Y--------Young Peoples    

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