The Temecula Valley Alano Club's traditional role in the community is to serve as a 12-step recovery haven. 

The core services we provide are self-supporting through members of the Alano Club, as well as the help and dedication of our volunteer staff. 

Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend its name to any outside organization.  The Alano Club is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, Alanon, or any other 12-Step group.  Each meeting held at the club is conducted as an autonomous group, and each group pays rent to the club to help pay expenses. Rent from meetings covers only a small portion of the Club’s expenses.

Your donations will have a direct impact on Temecula Valley recovery community. There are several ways to make a tax deductible donation to the Temecula Valley Alano Club and support us in our efforts to help people in recovery and further our history in the community.

Become a member
By joining the Temecula Valley Alano Club, you'll be helping us in providing a safe and comfortable environment to help others find sobriety in life while enjoying the benefits of membership. To find more about becoming a member, click here.  

Donate online

To make a fast and secure donation online through the Temecula Valley Alano Club's PayPal account, please click below:

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